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  Slim & Trim PLUS! Program:       

Ø  25-day Program                                                                      

Ø  50-day Program

Ø  75-day Program                                                                      

o    Slim & Trim Formula and program

o    Follow up appointment every two weeks

o    Daily live phone and email support

o    Weekly Celebration Time support group

o    Invitations to special events (cooking demos, etc)

o    “The Real People’s Guide to the HCG Diet” book or ebook

Slim & Trim SUCCESS! Program:

Ø  25-day Program                                                                      

Ø  50-day Program                                                                      

Ø  75-day Program

o    Everything included in the PLUS! Program and

o    Methylcobalamin B-12

o    Energy/Appetite Suppressant Capsules (60 caps)

Slim & Trim Lifestyle! Program:

Ø 25-day Program                                                                      

Ø 50-day Program

Ø 75-day Program

o    Everything included in the SUCCESS! Program and




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